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I maintain a good teaching / consulting balance. Teaching provides me the opportunity to understand the needs of business and individuals more fully and I use that knowledge when consulting. 

I love the challenge of taking a complex subject and breaking it down so that is accessible to all. Seeing the excitement and enthusiasm of the course participants when they ‘get it’ is really rewarding. It’s then, when the ideas start flowing and they see how their new skills can be applied to their projects that they really embrace the technology.

Years Training
Years Website consulting
Years search optimisation

Past Experience

Course development and training: 20 years

Web (design, performance): 15 years

Web security: 10 years

Search optimisation: 15 years


Little Scientists

Digital Producer, heading all digital and IT projects from 2018 - present.

Dynamic Web Training

Course developer and facilitator of web, SEO and Adobe Captivate subject areas 2017 - present.

Department of Education

Web Consultant heading design, accessibility, SEO, eLearning and security projects 2009-present

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